MyGlowCard offers welcome to Reza Solhi as Corporate Strategy advisor

Reza helps leaders to clarify the vision statement of their profession so that one can build and communicate the most effective Strategy which will lead to collective impact. His interactive coaching methods will help to overcome current barriers, inhale the new era of human centric Strategy creation in order to make products more valuable, efficient and fun. Reza is a crazy and fun loving person.

Reza has found his profession in Strategy and Social Innovation. He loves contributing to projects with collective impact. Since 2010 Reza´s topic has been collaborative innovation, ever since he has been co-creating sustainable impact among 5 continents in this world. As successful Serial Social Entrepreneur, Co-Creation Artist and Specialist for Corporate Social Responsibility he has advised dozens of Organizations from sole proprietors, Startups, SMEs to well known global players like SAP, where in 2015 he served as key liaison for evolving their CSR EMEA Strategy through to 2018. 

Reza has received the Distinction award for Strategy during his research time in Australia. In 2017 he was among the contest winners of the German Integration award, Finalist of the Ernst&Young Public Value award, and 1st winner of the Deutsche Bank Wirkungsfonds award for Innovative Education. As University Lecturer and Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum he loves to shape pathways and inspire crowds through interactive workshops, seminars and speeches. Sharing these skills at the SensAbility event is an honor and a privilege for him as he believes that together we can make a real difference to our communities.

MyGlowCard is pleased to have Reza on board to  strengthen the team and take MyGlowCard to next level!

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