MyGlowCard offers welcome to Thanh Lan Huynh (Tanni) as Sales Strategy advisor


Thanh Lan (Tanni) is an expert in the life style segment. Her love for beauty and details led her finally into the fashion industry where she actually works in a premium and high fashion segment. The key for success is passion! She loves the contact to people and always tries to solve problems from her client’s point of view. She believes in Longterm successful customer relations can only be built on trust.


Equipped with a business diploma and MBA, Tanni randomly stepped into the fashion industry. Believing in self-teaching, Tanni has an additional qualification from a well-known fashion school based in Germany . She worked for international fashion companies like Patrizia Pepe. She is currently working for Hugo Boss and is responsible for #HUGO womenswear which is one of the most performing and successful brands in the present fashion market. She brings in deep sales knowledge , she continues to grow the business and maintain relationships to the most important clients in Germany- therefore she has built up an exclusive network of the most important wholesalers during her long-term experience as a sales manager.

Contributions to MyGlowCard

Advocating the holistic approach, Tanni contributes in giving input to the product strategy , starting from the design of the product to marketing and finally sales. She helps leaders  define the target group and choose the right sales channel which fits the product’s DNA with her competence and special market insights. She loves contributing to projects which creates  #premium value.

We welcome Tanni to join the #MyGlowCard family.

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